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Beth Straker

My interest in hair and fashion started at about the age of 4. I used to sit on my dad’s shoulders and curl his hair on pink rollers, and I was the go-to gal for hair and makeup among friends for all the school dances — so I guess I’m a natural. Being a cosmetologist piques my love for people, art, and science. My favorite places to find inspiration for a cut and color are nature, architecture, and contemporary artwork. The lines and colors in car and motorcycle design are also very inspiring to me.


My interest in chemistry has really been helpful in my career. I like to know what is in the hair care products and how they’re going to to affect the integrity of the hair. The health of your hair is the biggest part of its beauty. That’s why I love to use organic, natural products!


I began my schooling at Headmasters school of hair design in 2003. I continue to fuel my passion by attending seasonal hairshows and hands-on educational classes. I worked for a large local salon until launching Mirror Mirror in 2011. Opening the salon in a great community like Boise has truly been a dream come true. In following with my belief that organic and natural products are the healthiest option, I changed my business name to Boise Organic Salon in 2012. I’d love to meet you and your hair! Contact me to set up an appointment and make your hair’s dreams come true!

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